Clan TEAMAK Host by Nutrix & Aditya

This is just not a clan its a community for amazing people.

about us

Clan Team-AK A good community for good peoples

✤ You must have paid cheat tool
✤ Account level must have 10
✤ Must have Rename card/Else New Id
✤ Must be active in discord
✤ Must not be toxic
✤ Must Have Decent PC for competitive play
✤ Must be online everyday(4 HRS MINIMUM)
✤ Must use a proper microphone for voice chat in discord
✤ Must be 16 years or above in age
✤ Must have good game sense
✤ Server Asia | TTP

Benefit :-

⇝ You will always get support by clan members
⇝ You will get special discount offer on
⇝ you will meet most amazing people in our community. Stay positive
Links – Discord

Meet most amazing people in our community

Do live stream on discord an others platforms

Join discod and talk with other members

Custom Support provide by clan members

Special discount offer

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